Among Us Single Player will turn you into astronauts cut off from the landing station. You not only have to complete missions to maintain the spaceship but also watch out for impostors lurking in the shadows. The pinnacle of strategy and sophistication is here!

Explore the Detailed Gameplay

You will play the role of an astronaut on a spaceship. Each game has two main roles: Crewmate and Impostor. If you are a Crewmate, your mission is to complete all missions before Impostor destroys all team members. If you are an Impostor, you will have to destroy each object one by one without being detected.

The main activities in Among Us Single Player are:

  • Tasks: Missions are distributed throughout the spacecraft, from electrical repairs and oxygen maintenance to trash disposal.
  • Kill: If you are the Impostor, you can kill the Crewmate when they are alone and then hide in the vents.
  • Report: When a Crewmate discovers a dead body, they can report it to hold an emergency meeting.
  • Emergency Meetings: Emergency meetings to discuss and vote to remove someone you suspect is an Impostor.

Answer FAQs

Q: How do I know who the Impostor is?

A: Observe everyone's behavior; see who is not on duty or has suspicious actions, such as hiding in vents.

Q: If I am accused of being an Impostor, what should I do?

A: Find a way to justify it by showing evidence that you did the task or using logic to convince others.

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