Dino Jump and adventure in the prehistoric environment are waiting for you to explore. The experience of a famous offline game has now been upgraded. You will meet a small dinosaur that is both strange and familiar. The player's mission is to guide this character through various obstacles along the way. Everything from trees, rocks, bushes, skeletons, and more are hazards to avoid. You need to focus on being timely in every situation with the most accurate key operations. To have impressive scores, practice is also indispensable.

Explore the New Features

Dino Jump is inspired by the game T-Rex Run or Dinosaur Game, Chrome's offline mode game. The addictiveness of this game is due to its amazing, innovative designs. The roads in the challenge are no longer simply straight lines with cacti. You will experience bumpy mountain roads with diverse obstacles.

Furthermore, your main character can also change. The dinosaurs with arrow symbols above are the gameplay transitions. You can control the dinosaurs to fly in the sky and absolutely not let them fall.

How to Play

The dinosaur will automatically run at a faster speed over time. You just need to click on any point on the screen to make the dino jump.

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