Doodle Basketball is a fun sports game where you try to make amazing dunks to get the highest score. You are a basketball player who is always practicing for a big tournament. The main goal is to pitch a basketball into the hoop from different spots on the court. The game tests your timing and accuracy, making it entertaining whether you play just for fun or to compete with others.


  • The images are charming doodle-style visuals that create a unique aesthetic.
  • The click-and-drag mechanism for aiming and shooting is intuitive.
  • There are stages that escalate in intricacy and difficulty.
  • The system keeps track of your high scores to help you beat your personal best.
  • It is easy to pick up and play, suitable for short or long sessions.
  • Realistic Physics: Accurate ball movement and trajectory simulation.

How to Play

Playing Doodle Basketball is easy to grasp, yet challenging to master. Players use a click-and-drag motion with the mouse or touchscreen to aim and set their shot's power.

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