Drift Hunters is a popular drifting game for car enthusiasts. The game allows players to perform complex drifts on a variety of tracks using a variety of customizable vehicles. Perform drifts to score points based on angle, speed, and duration. Accumulated points will unlock new cars and upgrades, improving the car's drifting ability. Mastering the controls and understanding the car's handling dynamics is crucial to executing perfect drifts and achieving high scores.


  • You’re likely to immediately be put in your place when you over-accelerate without braking into your first corner, leaving you slamming into a wall.
  • You’ll have to pay attention to your speed and be cautious of your brake distance if you hope to even start a drift before spinning out.
  • After a few runs, you'll be able to glide effortlessly through the game's tracks by moving your fingers across the WSAD keys and the space bar.


  • There are ten tracks in total within the game, and each one takes a while to get used to until you’ll be expertly drifting around the sharp corners and turns.
  • Nearly 30 automobiles may be purchased using drift points, adding to the game's depth and complexity.
  • Going back through each track with a newly unlocked car and using points to upgrade, while also unlocking more cars, is a fantastic experience that makes time fly by.
  • You could potentially spend hours playing this free browser game during your breaks at home, school, or work.
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