Fins, with its simple and adorable design, can capture the hearts of those who prefer platform gameplay. This simple rescue gameplay is the journey of a small, trapped fish to the ocean. Use the fish's fins, like two oars, to make effective movements. A completed mission will open a new, more difficult level. Start with open terrain and some easy barriers. However, as the game progresses, the difficulty increases with unbelievably tricky obstacles.

How to Play

You can use the left and right arrow keys to control the two fish fins. To jump up, you just need to continuously press these two command keys at the same time. Some new essential controls will always appear on the level's screen. Pay attention to a few small effects that can turn your character into an unexpected weapon. Everything possible should be tried until the most accurate way out is found.

Answer Some Common Questions

Q: Do Fins require any accompanying quests?

A: To resolve the main rounds is not simple. This is also the most important goal you should aim for. Do everything you can to drag the fish into the sea to complete the level.

Q: Does this platform game have a multiplayer mode?

A: Currently, the game does not have this mode, but a lonely journey sometimes brings unexpected joy.

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