Welcome to Geometrical Dash, a platformer with challenging and entrancing obstacle gameplay. This engaging arcade game offers similar experiences to Geometry Dash but with more new levels and features. This game not only tests your agility but also requires dexterity and patience to overcome colorful and complex obstacles.

You will participate in the game from a first-person perspective with vivid realism. Your goal is to overcome all barriers, jump over dangerous pits, and reach the finish line. Levels of increasing difficulty make the experience endlessly engaging. The variety of dangers also makes the game attract a lot of attention from gamers who are passionate about challenges. If you are one of them, then start your adventure on Geometrical Dash's breathtaking slides now!

Discover the Delightful Features

  • 3D maps focus on depth effects with awkward roads.
  • Stirring background music stimulates the player's spirit of conquest.
  • Fast-paced gameplay challenges each level's extreme reflexes.
  • The obstacles are diverse, and you need to play many times to remember them.

How to Control

Because you cannot manage your dash speed, you have to be very focused. The command keys in this game are:

  • UP arrow: jump up.
  • DOWN arrow: slide down.
  • LEFT arrow: turn left.
  • RIGHT arrow: turn right.
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