Geometry Dash Adust by F3lixsram, is an exciting Easy Demon level that has earned an epic 10-star rating and features 3 user coins. It holds the impressive fourth position in Death Gauntlet.

The level adheres to the familiar basic style we know and love. It boasts stunning effects with smooth animations, and the well-chosen soundtrack from Bossfight adds to the immersive experience. Despite having a relatively small number of objects (26,720), the level includes a low detail mode to accommodate weak devices.

However, Geometry Dash Adust is not widely recognized among its difficulty levels.

Geometry Dash Adust's Gameplay

The level kicks off with a challenging ship stage, offering the option to select a low detail mode. You'll encounter moving obstacles that complicate your path. Following this is a difficult cube stage where spikes emerge directly from the ground, requiring precise timing to click on spheres. An easy ship stage follows, where you can collect the first coin by flying beneath a gear.

Subsequently, you'll encounter an automatic cube stage. This is followed by a challenging double-speed ship stage with moving obstacles. Then, a complex sequence of wave, cube, UFO, and wave stages awaits you. A short and straightforward cube stage follows, where you simply need to jump over double spikes. Another sequence of stages awaits, consisting of a ship, UFO, ship, cube, ship, and wave.

Prepare for an extremely difficult bifurcated cube stage, prefaced by the inscription "Let's Go!" (in Russian: "Forward!"). In this bifurcated speed cube stage, you'll need to navigate a multitude of spikes and click on spheres. Following this, another sequence of stages unfolds, featuring a ship, cube, and wave. The player becomes unified.

An initially automatic cube stage follows, but the speed increases, requiring you to jump over spikes and click on spheres.

Next up is an easy ball stage, where you'll navigate through gravitational portals. Another sequence of stages commences, featuring a ship, spider, and UFO. Afterward, during an automatic cube stage, you'll notice the letter "F," representing the creator's nickname.

Coins Location

  1. The first coin is located at 24%. To collect it, fly beneath the gear.
  2. The second coin is found at 58%. Collect it by flying over a block with a spike.
  3. The third coin can be obtained at 74%. It is collected similarly to the first coin in Blast Processing, requiring you to fly inside a block.

Level's Fun Facts

  • F3lixsram left a comment in the level, recommending music from Bossfight.
  • Initially, the first stage of the level featured an interfering gear. However, based on player feedback, F3lixsram removed it.
  • This is the only level in Death Gauntlet that does not include a boss fight.
  • F3lixsram also created a more challenging version of the level called "Adust Extreme," which could be classified as an Extreme Demon. To find it in the game, use the ID: 46170434.

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