Geometry Dash Electrodynamix is the fifteenth level of Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash Lite and with an Insane difficulty. This level, challenges players with its fast-paced action, requiring precise timing and quick reflexes. The game features a unique blend of rhythmic gameplay and vibrant visuals, making it a standout experience for fans.


  • Tap the screen or click the mouse to make your geometric shape jump over obstacles.
  • Precise timing and quick reflexes are crucial to avoiding crashing into obstacles.
  • To navigate through the level successfully, learn the patterns of obstacles.
  • Expect to make multiple attempts before mastering the level due to its high difficulty.
  • Practice mode allows you to become familiar with the level's layout and obstacles without feeling pressured.


  • Electrodynamix is one of the most popular levels in the Geometry Dash community, often cited for its challenging yet rewarding gameplay.
  • Electrodynamix is the only level to end under the effects of the very fast-speed portal.
  • Electrodynamix is the only level to not have a secret coin present within any of its ship sequences.
  • Electrodynamix takes 84 seconds to complete and requires a minimum of 81 jumps.
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