Geometry Dash Motion is a fun and exciting game in the popular Geometry Dash series. The game is fast-paced and requires timing and some memorization to complete the level. It offers a new twist on the classic Geometry Dash game.


0-7%: The level begins with a simple cube section with some simple jumps. 

7-12%: The player transforms into a robot, where they have to do small jumps to get over the spikes at double-speed.

12-17%: The level will become auto for a short time, with the player going up a ramp while being anti-gravity and going through gravity portals to transition to the drop parts of the level. 

17-28%: The player enters a fast-paced drop with frequent game mode changes. The player first enters as a triple=speed UFO where they must avoid moving blocks, reminiscent of 80% on Deadlocked. 

28-39%: The player transforms into a robot, where they must avoid the obstacles while some structures move onto the screen. The player then goes into a teleportation portal, becomes mini, and into a cube portal once again. Like the previous robot section, the player must avoid obstacles and moving objects.

39-53%: This part constantly swaps between double- and triple-speed portals to match the song's tempo. The section has frequent game mode changes. 

53-58%: The player then transforms into a half-speed cube. In the old version, the player enters an auto section and speeds up to double-speed during the part and triple-speed at the end. In the new version, this section features non-auto gameplay involving several orbs.

58–79%: This part, similarly to 39–53%, switches between single- and triple-speed portals to match the song's intensity. The part is mostly in grayscale, with the background sometimes flashing different colors and (depending on the player's colors) the player's color when they step onto a platform.

79–97%: This part constantly swaps into single and triple-speed portals, except for a double-speed portal at the beginning of the part. The player transforms into a robot, where they have to perform a small jump at the beginning and do large jumps for the rest. 

User coins

  1. The first coin is located at the first robot segment of the drop, specifically at 30%. Skipping the blue orb will reward the player with a coin.
  2. The second coin is situated at 64%. Instead of dropping onto the next platform, jumping rewards the player with a coin.
  3. The third and final coin is situated at 83%. After getting past the final robot segment of the level, the player can buffer their jump and thus collect the final coin of the level.

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