Geometry Dash Nine Circles, a Hard Demon level by Zobros, is famous for its unique visual style and intense gameplay. The level is named after its signature "nine circles" effect, where the screen is filled with vibrant, pulsating circles that create a mesmerizing yet disorienting experience for players. 


  • 0–22%: The level begins with basic cube leaps and tricks. A double-speed ship segment with hills makes the level tougher and tighter.
  • 22–34%: A ball section with orbs and gravity gateways follows. To avoid hitting gears or spikes, the player must memorize the various false orbs and their timings.
  • 34–39%: Two straightforward hops start a leisurely, easy cube portion. The player must jump over gears, which requires timing. The melody lowers, signaling a major difficulty increase.
  • 39–50%: A timing-based normal-size wave segment starts the wave portion. At 45%, the player must cross an invisible slope.' At 48%, a sluggish, tight wave phase begins.
  • 50–62%: The level enters an upside-down wave part and returns to triple-speed with additional timing and maneuvering. At 58%, it transforms into a precision-based wave dual.
  • 62–72%: The level enters a challenging mini-wave portion with various slopes, necessitating care to avoid crashing. It slows down toward the end.
  • The toughest part of the level is an upside-down mini-wave sequence at 72–83%. It's like the last mini-wave part, but harder because of inverted gravity. A memory-focused dual-wave segment follows.
  • 84–100%: The level closes with a medium-difficult cube part that requires timed leaps and memorization. Hitting the first orb too early can lead the player to smash into a block's ceiling. Like most of his original levels, it ends with Zobro's name. Other Nine Circles levels.

User coins

  1. Coin #1 is in the ball section. To regain direction, the player must skip a yellow orb, land on false spikes with the coin, then switch gravity.
  2. The wave part holds the second coin. An upside-down wave player has a coin on a saw-blade. Not hitting the saw-blade and avoiding the typical path are required to gather it. After receiving the coin, the player must click and hold twice to escape the danger zone.
  3. The last cube contains the third and final coin. Hitting the second-to-last pad and rebounding on the orb at the last second blasts the cube far from the final pad and beneath Zobros' name. The spikes vanish and the coin emerges with Zobros' 'NOICE.'

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