Geometry Dash Ocean of Dreams is a rhythm platform game with a journey across a complex geometric map. You will embark on an adventurous journey with catchy music and breathtaking experiences. This is a user-level game from creator Spu7Nix with 2-star Easy difficulty and 3 user coins. This is the ideal game for players who are just starting to learn about this popular game universe.

The Ideal Community

The popularity of Geometry Dash has built a loyal community of players. They themselves became great developers of addictive user levels. Each level has a separate theme and song. You can take advantage of the beat in the background music to create absolutely precise key operations.

Gameplay and Controls

Your task in Geometry Dash Ocean of Dreams is to maneuver a cube to the end of the map. Players can use the mouse button, up arrow key, or spacebar to navigate. If a collision occurs, the character will immediately be pushed back to the starting line. Your icon must face a variety of dangers, such as spikes, tall pillars, single blocks, and tricky terrain. Except for thornless surfaces, other locations are dangerous and one must be cautious.

The Position of 3 User Coins

  • 34%: The first coin is on a large platform in the upper terrain in the cube segment.
  • 65%: The coin is in a hidden passage, right in front of a spike. After collecting coins, the character will automatically return to the main road.
  • 86%: The last coin is at the very beginning of the second wave. As soon as you jump through the portal, you direct the character to fly up to the small path in the terrain above.
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