Geometry Dash Tengu Wind, created by Shemo aka Parusee and LouisLi, is a thrilling Medium Demon level that has earned a 10-star rating. Designed in version 2.11, it falls under the Nine Circles category. While the gameplay in this level may not stand out from similar levels, there is an interesting twist: during certain wave sections, you suddenly switch to controlling another character. Additionally, there is a boss in the level that attacks using fireballs. Prepare for an intense encounter!

The scenery in Geometry Dash Tengu Wind is expertly crafted. The Nine Circles effect itself shimmers in various colors, accompanied by a beautiful modern block design. Neon flashes and nebula effects add to the visual appeal. The art and boss battle are particularly impressive, showcasing the creators' talent.

In terms of popularity, this level is not widely recognized among its difficulty levels. It is typically classified as a Medium Demon, occasionally rated as an Easy Demon.

Gameplay Breakdown

Geometry Dash Tengu Wind begins with an easy cube stage, similar to other Nine Circles levels. Your task is to navigate the spikes by jumping and interact with the spheres. This is followed by a moderately challenging ship section, where you must maneuver through gravitational portals.

After the ship segment, there is an automatic cube section, immediately transitioning into a complex wave at four speeds. In this wave, you will frequently need to change size or gravity. As the wave splits and slows down, you can catch a brief respite. However, it quickly accelerates to speed 3 and then speed 4. This stage requires utmost concentration and presents a significant challenge.

Next, you'll encounter a light ship section, where you simply need to navigate through open space. This is followed by another wave, slightly lighter than the previous one due to wider passages. However, it remains challenging. The wave bifurcates initially, then normalizes, followed by another bifurcation with a decrease in difficulty. The wave then traverses narrow tunnels, regularly changing speeds, which can be disorienting for the player.

The boss battle commences next. You'll need to ascend along the arrows and click on the green sphere to dodge the first attack. The same strategy applies to survive the second and third attacks. After a brief moment of character shrinkage, you must promptly click on the next green sphere to evade the fourth attack. Following this, you'll encounter a plate section where you must follow the arrows, occasionally adjust gravity, and interact with spheres.

The boss fight concludes, leading to an easy high-speed ball phase where you navigate around spikes and saws. Subsequently, the ball shrinks and bifurcates, and you'll need to maneuver around a few spikes. The level concludes with art, the creator's nickname, and a Japanese inscription meaning 'Tengu Wind.'

Congratulations, you've completed the level!

Interesting Facts

  • The password for Geometry Dash Tengu Wind is 180729.
  • The level is named after the Tengu species of youkai from the Touhou Project series of games. This is represented by the artwork of the character Aya Shameimaru from that universe, who is a karasu-tengu.
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