Geometry Dash Time Pressure, created by AeonAir, is an engaging Easy Demon level that has earned a well-deserved 10-star rating. It is the second level in Demon Pack 13 and happens to be AeonAir's most popular creation.

How to Play

In this game, you'll control a cube and navigate it through various stages filled with spikes and obstacles. To guide your cube, simply press the up arrow, W key, spacebar, Ctrl key, Shift key, or click to make it jump.

As you progress through the level, you'll encounter different modes of transportation. When you're in ship mode, hold the designated key to fly upward and release it to descend. Keep an eye out for yellow pads that allow for higher jumps, and be on the lookout for blue pads that provide even greater heights (pay attention to any missing gravity portals!).

For those seeking an extra challenge, there are coins scattered throughout the level. Collecting these coins will earn you bonus points. However, keep in mind that obtaining the coins may require additional precision and timing.

To enhance your gameplay experience, you have the option to toggle effects by pressing the L key. This can help reduce lag and ensure smoother gameplay. Additionally, pressing the B key allows you to toggle the background, contributing to a more seamless experience.

About AeonAir

AeonAir is a talented player and level creator from Norway who has been actively playing Geometry Dash for over eight years. With his extensive experience, he is considered a veteran within the community. On his YouTube channel, he shares a variety of content, including playing and recommending levels, reacting to Geometry Dash media, creating commentary videos, and conquering Demons. 

As of now, he has completed over 2,800 Demons. His most challenging completed Demon, according to the Demonlist, is Hard Machine, which he beat on October 1, 2022. However, he requested to be removed from the Demonlist. He believes that Tartarus, beaten on September 26, 2023, and NEUTRA, beaten on February 13, 2023, are slightly more difficult than Hard Machine, with Tartarus being his hardest Demon. Currently, he is attempting to conquer SARYYX NEVER CLEAR, which, while not his hardest according to the Demonlist, he considers significantly more challenging than Tartarus.

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