Geometry Dash X is an Easy Demon level that has received a 10-star rating and features 3 user coins. It is a collaboration between TriAxis and TamaN, with TriAxis verifying and publishing the level. TamaN created the latter half of the gameplay, while TriAxis handled the rest. Unlike many other Demons created in version 2.0, this level primarily focuses on gameplay rather than design. It doesn't adhere to a specific theme or style, constantly changing its design elements. 

Geometry Dash X has garnered praise for its engaging gameplay, well-executed design, and synchronization with the music. It holds the distinction of being the 7th most-liked Demon level in the game and remains popular due to its accessible difficulty level. The level is dedicated to EricVanWilderman, a renowned Geometry Dash player.

Gameplay Breakdown

Geometry Dash X begins with an easy half-speed cube section featuring a red-colored background and a unique design scheme. The cube then transitions into a double-speed robot segment with moderately challenging jumps and timed jump rings, though the overall difficulty remains relatively easy. The music rapidly speeds up, leading to a triple-speed ship section with a new gray color scheme and distinct design. Despite featuring multiple moving objects, this part is fairly easy and doesn't require advanced flying skills. The ship quickly transitions into a UFO section with simple timings to master, followed by a brief ball segment with a single jump ring and a potential bug. 

Next, the player navigates through a cube with a pair of teleportation portals, which transport them to another, much easier triple-speed ship section with additional moving objects. This ship segment then transitions into a moderately challenging mini-UFO section with a couple of jump orbs, followed by a straightforward half-speed mini-cube with two jumps. The cube transforms into a wave and briefly returns to a cube, then transitions rapidly between a robot and a ship, culminating in a ball section. While this ball part may be confusing, it becomes relatively easy with practice. 

The level continues with a cube section followed by a dual, which can be skipped by falling below the portal but eventually leads to death at 62%. The dual section starts as a cube/robot dual and transitions into a regular dual ball. Both of these segments are relatively easy. The dual then transforms into a brief cube section, a challenging ship segment, and a wave segment. The triple-speed ship and wave sections present somewhat intricate timing patterns to learn. The level then shifts to another easy robot segment, followed by a short automatic ship segment and a relatively simple cube and robot segment. 

The final segment of Geometry Dash X is slow-paced, predominantly moving at a single- or double-speed. It includes an easy cube and wave section and a mini-maze of breakable blocks with three teleportation portals to navigate. These portals lead to a brief yet challenging wave segment. Afterward, the player encounters a double-speed mini-wave, followed by a ship segment that has infamously caused many players to crash due to the need for precise timing to maneuver the ship through a narrow area with breakable blocks. The level concludes with a very fast cube section that is almost automatic, aside from a single green jump ring. The creator's name, "triaXis," cleverly plays on the level's name.

User Coins

Geometry Dash X features three user coins, which are relatively straightforward to obtain. However, the second coin presents the most confusion among the three.

  1. The first coin is easily visible and simple to acquire. It is located in the UFO section, slightly hidden behind a fake block.
  2. The second coin is perhaps the most challenging to obtain. It requires the player to click and alter their ball's gravity, sending it upwards. Upon hitting the green orb, the ball should fly into a passage concealed by a fake block, allowing them to collect the second coin. It's crucial to avoid hitting the blue orb after obtaining the coin.
  3. The third and final coin is found in the short maze of breakable blocks near the end of the level. It is positioned at the topmost teleportation portal.

Interesting Trivia

The password for Geometry Dash X is 001905, and it consists of 26,260 objects. The level has a duration of 1 minute and 8 seconds. It was ranked #29 in GDToday's 100 Greatest Levels of All Time list and was featured as the first-place level. Geometry Dash X was also the Weekly Demon #49. TriAxis has four Demons in the game, including Geometry Dash X, Venom, Dear Nostalgists, and The Mechanism. The level's name, "X," is believed to represent the Roman numeral for 10, aligning with the requested 10-star rating. This theory is supported by EricVanWilderman's thoughts in his video about the level.

Geometry Dash X has left its mark on the game, inspiring other levels such as Y by knobbelboy and Geomania and Z by Zyzyx. The level has also sparked discussions, with Complazra joking about it being a level that "ends at 10%." 

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