Geometry Hardcore is an enjoyable platform game with breathtaking maps filled with spikes. This game will throw you into environments with the most complex shapes. The adventure in the virtual geometric world never stops being thrilling. You will play as a small cube trying to escape these dangerous terrains. The obstacles you face are extremely diverse, such as spikes, gears, walls, and sharp corners.

The game requires reflexes, improvisation, precise keystrokes, and patience. If you are confident that you can make the best preparations, then join now. Inspired by the famous Geometry Dash game, Geometry Hardcore also has equally attractive features.

Discover the Marvelous Features

  • The character designs are adorable, and the shapes also become less harsh.
  • Terrain with tricky platforms and terrain and changing layout after each given segment.
  • The rules are easy to understand: navigate the icon from beginning to end of the map without collision.
  • A series of fun character designs to buy with collected stars.

Gameplay and Controls

You maneuver your character to jump onto barrier-free surfaces or move in open space. Your cube can only jump up to a certain level. Therefore, please align the key press time accurately to land safely. You can use the mouse button to make the icon jump up. Because you cannot manage the speed of the entity, you should be very focused on taking timely actions.

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