Parkour Block 6 is an enjoyable platform game that will challenge you with both familiar and new features. This series with parkour gameplay in a typical sandbox world can make you unable to take your eyes off. In particular, the game still retains the first gameplay angle of its predecessors. Besides, some features introduced for the first time make the game worth trying. Enter a virtual world of heart-stopping jumps and test your dexterity.

Experience Three Main Game Modes

Parkour Block 6 has three main game modes:

  • Level Mode: This is the classic game mode of the series. You can take a journey through each level, one by one. To unlock more difficult levels, you must win the previous round.
  • Speedrun Mode: The challenge requires adjusting the right time to jump onto moving platforms. You need to accurately grasp the non-stationary landing point to be safe.
  • Hardcore Mode: These rounds have extreme difficulty. Only professional players can conquer the levels in this game mode.

How to Control

You use the mouse to look carefully in all directions. Then use the arrow keys or WASD to move. When you choose the right location and time, press the spacebar and direction keys to land. Note that the alignment of jump force and level is also extremely important. Do not be discouraged! If you practice a lot, it's only a matter of time before you beat this game.

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