Traffic Jam 3D will give you the experience of an extremely realistic traffic journey. You will play the role of a driver and participate in the game from a first-person perspective. The realism in every driving moment makes your experience never-stop engaging. You can encounter every situation that takes place in the real traffic system with this game.

Types of Gamers

Although there are no regulations on participants, Traffic Jam 3D will be most suitable for those who are passionate about driving. Of course, your main task in this game is to navigate your vehicle to avoid all other objects and reach the finish line on time. Besides, this skill challenge is especially suitable for those who want to practice their driving abilities in the game world. No matter what your purpose is, this game will definitely keep you immersed for hours.

The Addictive Gameplay

This game is a journey through many levels. Each level will have a certain number of segments that require you to pass checkpoints to extend the time limit. During this time, you must absolutely not collide with other vehicles and arrive at the checkpoint on time. Bonuses corresponding to your performance in the game round will be the basis for attractive upgrades.

Control Your Car

  • [↑] or [W]: accelerate.
  • [↓] or [S]: reduce speed.
  • [←] or [A]: steer left.
  • [→] or [D]: steer right.
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