Geometry Dash Bloodbath is an Extreme Demon mega-collaboration level that Riot hosts, verifies, and publishes. This extreme demon level has gained a reputation for its intense difficulty and intricate design. It requires exceptional skill, precise timing, and a deep understanding of the game's mechanics. 


Geometry Dash Bloodbath remains one of Geometry Dash's most popular Extreme Demon levels, if not the most popular. It is currently the most downloaded and most liked Extreme Demon in-game. 


The levels cannot be copied.
The level contains 24,746 objects.
The level is 1 m 52 s in length.

How To Play

The controls are simple: Just click or tap to jump and hold to keep hopping. But the game is not at all easy to play. You have to be very careful and time your moves perfectly as you go through spikes, moving platforms, and different traps.The level's fast pace and complex sequences require players to memorize patterns and react quickly to avoid instant death. It is important to practice parts over and over again in order to make progress and finish the level.

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