Geometry Dash Blender is an Easy Demon level created, verified, and published by Codex. It is his first-ever Demon level, offering a thrilling experience. This level is rated 10 stars and features 3 user coins.

"Woohoo! My first 2.0 level. Enjoy! Pass is on my YT btw."


A Journey through Various Challenges

The level begins with a relatively easy cube section, followed by an accessible ball segment. As you progress, you'll come across the words "Watch Out!" to alert you of upcoming challenges. In the middle of the level, there's a cube mode that introduces a few fake obstacles.

As you continue, the level gradually becomes more challenging. A difficult and somewhat frustrating triple-speed robot section awaits you. Next, you'll face an annoying ship section involving teleportation portals, gravity portals, and straight-flying.

The level intensifies with a double-speed wave that transitions to triple-speed halfway through. This is followed by a normal-speed cube part, which then becomes triple-speed. You'll then encounter a UFO part that requires careful maneuvering due to moving objects, precise timings, and size changes. Afterward, a relatively simple ball segment with a few fakes awaits.

You'll then encounter a short half-speed robot segment, which later increases to triple speed. This segment is relatively straightforward until the next part, which involves a challenging dual robot sequence with tricky timings.

The subsequent segment is a slow but straightforward cube mode, with the words "Keep Going!" motivating you. Be cautious of the spikes and jumps required in this section. Halfway through, there's another simple cube segment, followed by a moderately easy slow ship part. The level concludes with a cube segment.

User Coins: Seek the Extra Challenge

Geometry Dash Blender contains three user coins, two of which require keys to unlock:

  1. The first user coin requires a key, which can be obtained at the first ball mode at 6%. The key unlocks the coin located at 10% in the second cube mode. To collect the coin, click the yellow orb but avoid the other orbs, as they lead to a "fake" hazard. Remember to jump across the normal path.
  2. The second user coin is located at 34%. Clicking the first green orb, while avoiding the others, will lead you to the second coin route. A blue pad will guide you back to the normal route.
  3. The third user coin can be unlocked by obtaining a key located at 51% in the second robot segment. Timing your jump correctly will allow you to retrieve the key. The third coin itself is located at 71% in the second ship sequence. Simply follow the normal route and collect the coin with ease.

Fun Facts about the Level

  • The password for the level is 080085.
  • The level contains 22,102 objects.
  • The level has a duration of 1 minute and 3 seconds.
  • Geometry Dash Blender is Codex's first 2.0 level ever created.
  • This level is one of the earliest 2.0 Demon levels ever created.
  • A sequel to this level, named Quantum Blender, was created by DWShin (and Andro3d), another popular creator.

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