Geometry Dash Down Bass is a very hard level created by Spectra. It was first completed using hacks but was later legitimately beaten by RedUniverse during a live stream, which helped it get officially ranked by RobTop. In this game, you will guide your geometric character through various levels full of obstacles. The key to success lies in timing your jumps perfectly to avoid spikes, gaps, and other hazards. As the game progresses, levels become more complex and the pace increases, requiring quick reflexes and precise coordination with the rhythm of the music. Each successful jump and dodge will bring you closer to completing the level.


  • 0–16%: The level starts as a simple cube with some tricks here and there, but nothing too hard.
  • 16–80%: The music quickly picks up intensity and jumps into the Nine Circles wave. 

User coins

  • The first coin, located at 51% in the double-speed wave segment, is relatively easy to obtain.
  • The second coin is located at 85%, inside one of the black rectangular structures. 
  • The third and final coin is well hidden and difficult to reach by accident.
  • The first key is at 14%, but it is not necessary to obtain the coin.
  • The second key is located at 22%.
  • The third key is located at 32%.
  • You can find the fourth key at 49%.
  • You can find the fifth key at 59%.
  • At 65%, the sixth key is found.
  • The seventh and final key is located at 96%.

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