Geometry Egg Dash is a marvelous rhythm platform game from creator chipm0nk on the Scratch platform. This game, inspired by Geometry Dash, takes you on an adventure with an egg. This character is extremely fragile, and you must do everything to keep the entity safe until it reaches its destination. Each operation is the crystallization of practice, experience from failed attempts, and patience when it takes many attempts from the beginning.

Explore the Charming Features

The game does not limit players, but players who give up easily are not suitable for this challenge. Geometry Egg Dash opens up a map full of dangers around every corner. You control your egg to avoid all obstacles, such as spikes, gears, walls, and so on. Note that your character can change form and status when jumping over one portal.

One feature that makes this game from creator chipm0nk worth checking out is the Creator feature. You can create your own level and challenge other players.

How to Play

First of all, choose a cool egg to start. The game has three levels, and you don't need to do any unlocking missions. Choose from three rounds of varying difficulty and sub-themes. You can use the mouse button, spacebar, or up arrow key to control the character.

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