Experience the excitement of Geometry Dash Wowzers Holy, a level created by the player Lumpy. This level falls under the Easy Demon category and has a rating of 10 stars, with 3 user coins to collect. The level features a basic style, making it accessible for players of varying skill levels. While some sections of the ball and UFO stages may pose a challenge, the rest of the level is straightforward and simple to navigate.

Gameplay Overview

Geometry Dash Wowzers Holy begins with an easy cube stage where you simply need to jump on the platforms and progress towards the ship stage, which marks the first drop. In the ship stage, you'll navigate through a narrow corridor. On the UFO segments, you'll encounter spikes and gravity changes, requiring precise jumps. The pattern repeats in a condensed form. Pay close attention to the click pattern on the UFO section, as even a slight inaccuracy can lead to missing the intended destination.

Next, you'll encounter a straightforward robot stage with contrasting rainbow-black decorations. Your task is to jump on blocks and platforms. This pattern is repeated in a cube segment. Afterward, the gameplay returns to jumping on platforms, similar to the first part of the cube stage.

Prepare for the second drop! In the ball stage, you'll navigate skillfully around spikes using Easy demon timings that may still pose a challenge. Then, in an inverted wave section, you'll fly between unusually flat platforms, occasionally requiring quick reactions. The ball stage repeats, but this time in a smaller size, which for many players is the most difficult part of the level. Finally, you'll encounter the last part of the level as a ship, flying between spikes while undergoing size and gravity changes.

The level concludes with an auto-part featuring text providing information about the level, all displayed against a black background.

Coins Information

To collect the first coin, grab the key at 14% progress. The coin itself will be located at 37% progress, inside the robot's portal. For the second coin, acquire the key at 41% progress. The coin can be found below a block at 56% progress. To obtain the third and final coin, acquire the key at 91% progress. The coin awaits at 97% progress.

Interesting Facts

  • Notably, Geometry Dash Wowzers Holy does not require a password and can be freely copied.
  • Attempting to jump over the first ship portal will result in death from invisible spikes, accompanied by the message "No. Bad Boy."

More Challenging Levels

If you find Geometry Dash Wowzers Holy to be too easy or unsatisfying, you can try these more challenging levels:

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