Geometry Dash Just Keep Jumping invites you on a jumping adventure that doesn't stop until you reach the finish line! The game was created by loyal fans in the Geometry Dash community on the Scratch platform. This platform game is fast-paced, and the obstacles are relentless. The challenge is also an appealing factor that this game introduces. Immerse yourself in the gripping soundtrack and enjoy a journey that can't be found anywhere else.

The Game for Newbie

With Easy difficulty, this is a great level for beginner players. You can get acquainted with the interesting and incredibly difficult rhythm gameplay. Every dance step and action of the character matches perfectly with the music beat.

Gameplay and Controls

The player's target in Geometry Dash Just Keep Jumping is to guide a cube to the finish line. Your icon can dash across surfaces and hover in empty space. This icon will face constant dangers such as spikes, saw blades, vertical surfaces, and terrain such as faults. Just a small collision will push the character back to the starting line. To control this icon, players can use the up arrow key, click key, or spacebar.

Note that your cube can change shape every time it jumps through a portal. Each of these shapes will have a different way of moving, which you will need to get used to and master.

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